Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do the Humpty Hump

Not much to post about today. I dropped off a display at Hannah Banana because I've taken so many pieces over there. It's HB's big birthday bash. I'll go by there again Saturday so I can eat & drink and force customers to buy my goods.
I worked on a bracelet for Girls Will Be Girls Made To Match Gymbo Back To School Launch. (How's that for wordiness?) It's a great little bracelet, but I can't finish it until I get a heart charm I ordered today. Speaking of Girls Will Be Girls, be sure to check out our BLOG to see the latest designer spotlight - this time the spotlight is on Colby Lane Designs.
I also worked on another piece for my "shop" at You can't see it yet! Bwaahaahaaa! It will be another week until it's up, but you can see one of my bracelets there.
All for now, Mic

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