Thursday, July 19, 2007

Et Cetera

I just realized yesterday was my 6 month anniversary of selling on Etsy. I feel so bad I forgot; I didn't even send Etsy a card. What a schmuck. But I do love you, Etsy Baby. Sometimes I just get so busy and forget to tell you. Now, give me a kiss.

Livvie & I watched "A Night At The Museum" at a friend's house today. I love that movie and Mickey Roonie especially cracks me up ("Lunchbox", LMBO!). My hubby and I have noticed that when we go to funny movies we laugh more than other people. I noticed the same thing at my friend's house. She's a funny, clever girl, but apparantly not as easily amused as I am. But I'm quite fine with that. I like to laugh.

Olivia has expressive feet. I noticed that the other morning when she was playing her Gameboy but was hiding behind a pillow from her dad. (He had caused many of her stuffed animals to fall down onto her bed then told her to pick them up, just to torture her. Before you call the SRS, he did pick them up.) Anyway, she just wiggled those feet and toes like you wouldn't believe while playing her video game. It was so stinking cute. I wish I could've videotaped it. Oh well.

All for today. A salad is waiting to be made. - Mic

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