Friday, October 5, 2007

Lucky No. 6

For me, it's a record: I'm in 6 treasuries at the same time. Some will expire soon, so if you get a dead link that's why. BUT AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME I AM A STAR!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH! (That's angels singing while a beam of light shines down on me.)
Here they are!
It's All About The Pink by SaraLibbey, my Wisconsin homefry and maker of lovely jewelry.
save the TATAs (warning, booby alert) by jmillen, who's store features graphic designs, knits & more!
GWBG are Passionately Pink by my group mate and alleged bad seed Customdesignsbymimi -curator of the cutest burp clothes, taggie blankets, tutus and more!
I need MY COFFEE!!!! by TheIndiePath, who was also kind enough to feature GWBG in her fabulous blog.
blushing beauties by flightfancy (check out her Olivia Bear!)
Think Pink with GWBG by SweetSpice, also a group mate and maker of fabulously addictive bath & body products!
Please click on the treasuries; who knows, with your help I might make the front page! Check out the great shopkeepers who featured my designs, too. And don't forget to shop for our Passionately Pink launch.
Thanks and have a great weekend! Mic


Sandra Williams said...

That is so cool! Congrats on all the treasuries! Off to visit them all!

Michele said...


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