Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sedgwick Co. Zoo Penguin Exhibit

My Mom, Dad, Hubby, Olivia & I got to take a "sneak peek" at the new penguin exhibit at the Zoo. It was a rare dry afternoon and we had a great time. The penguins were adorable and a couple were real show-offs while the others just checked us out. The ultimate show-off was a peacock who was in the mood for love. He showed his feathers, crowed and followed the peahens around a bit, but they weren't interested. Finally, he jumped up onto a picnic table, then to the gazebo and then when a couple of young ladies and a family was walking by, he JUMPED down right in front of them. One of the girls jumped and screamed, which we all enjoyed, and the family just seemed dazed. Here are some pics:

It was a really fun time! All for today. Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop at where 20% of my sales will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Adios! Mic


Jenny said...

That looks like a really nice zoo!

Sometime we'll have to meet up at the Omaha one. Colby would love to see a real Mumbles. :)

Michele said...

It is a great zoo!
No dancing penguins yet, but maybe they're just shy! We'd love to visit the Omaha Zoo; I've heard it's a great one!

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