Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy July...

It's the 1st of July which means in 3 days I'll be at the family golf tournament. Which means I should consider picking up a golf club and perhaps even swinging it before the big day. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might even hit a ball with said club.

June was a darn good month at MJD. I'm hoping the good momentum will continue into the summer, then back-to-school, then dare I say it? CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Check out this headband that matches my goldfish ponytail holder. My pal, Dominic of Sew Foxy Boutique designed it and I love it - Liv & I wore ours yesterday. Her headbands are awesome, comfy & made to fit which is great since I have a big noggin.

That's her lovely daughter modeling. Thanks for sharing the pic, Do! We love our new headbands! You can see my goldfish pony by clicking HERE! I'll be adding more soon!

All for now. Coffee is calling! Mic

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