Monday, July 2, 2007

monday. woo hoo.

Don't worry, I'll wake up soon.
I thoroughly intend to work very little today. Liv wanted to play with her friend "Daw" (Dawson) so we are going to hang out at his house. His mommy happens to be one of my very best friends, so Yay! I need a little internet detox.
Tomorrow I'll drop a LOT of stuff of at Hannah Banana's. Got to be ready for it's birthday celebration next week!
BTW, Wendy's is giving away books on CD with their kids' meals. Liv got Junie B. Jones Has A Monster Under Her Bed and it was great. She laughed her head off. They give you a coupon to buy more, but I checked around and found it cheapest at Amazon. Here's the link to the set we bought. It'll be great for our upcoming long road trip:

I'll add an Amazon link to my blog. Anytime you need to shop Amazon, if you'll click thru from my blog (or I'll get a small percentage and of course, it doesn't cost you a thing. If you spend enough I might even send you a surprise! :)
All for now, the coffee's kicking in and the shower is calling.
Have a fabulous week! Mic

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