Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy Saturday and Olivia's 1st Listing!

I have been hopping today! I've been working on several custom orders, drew a princess picture for Liv's room and then she was inspired to draw a picture to LIST on Etsy! She wanted to help me so she drew a fab picture of a cat, a bonus picture that will be free with purchase (totally her idea) and took the photo of the drawing so I could list it. Here it is:

She seems more concerned with who's "hearted" it than if it's going to sell! So if you're on Etsy, please consider adding this listing to your favorites. :) You can click on the picture to see the listing.

AND.... I'm extending my sale on Etsy - 26% off any purchase of $10 or more excluding my fabric (I've got it as low as I can!) Visit MJD Boutique to take advantage of a great deal!

Happy Saturday! Mic

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Posh Piggy Couture said...

how cute is that?!

You've been tagged check out the blog to see why....

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