Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Promise I'm NOT Slacking!

I've been working a lot on my design group, Girls Will Be Girls. We added a new member, SweetSpice (as I mentioned in an earlier post) and so I added her web info to our blog and I've been doing some upkeep on our Top 100 List - We're now offering 200x200 ads for only $5 for 2 months. That will go to buy more advertising for GWBG. We're doing our next launch on Etsy, which we're all excited about. EBay fees have become so high and it's so much work to list there. But we won't have all the eBay groups to "pimp" our launch on, so we're going to advertise on a few different sites (TBD).
Also, on the homefront, Olivia & I are getting ready for her first day of school, which is tomorrow. I'm a total bawl baby already. Wish me luck tomorrow. ((hugs)) Mic

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